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How To Breathe, part 1

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

In this lesson you will learn fundamentals about proper breathing, part 1.

We will use the the first verse of the song “More Than Anything” by Lamar Campbell to practice these techniques with.

Lyrics: I lift my hands in total adoration unto You You reign on the throne for You are God and God alone Because of You my cloudy days are gone I can sing to You this song I just want to say that I love You more than anything

How To Breathe
How To Breathe

How to breathe

You should breathe explosively through the mouth (not nose), quick and powerful. Compare to starting the engine of a lawnmower: Without sufficient power the engine will not start. Your entire body should be moving in upward direction as you breathe in. It is similar to how you breathe when you jump in a river. In addition, you should crunch your stomach when you sing. Please listen to the song “When You Believe” by Whitney Houston to hear what your breath should sound like. Exercise 1: Sing “More Than Anything” with explosive breaths. Remember to move your body up as you breathe, and to crunch your stomach when you sing.

How often to breathe

Listen to “When You Believe” again. Notice how frequently Whitney breathes. Professional singers breathe explosively and often.

Exercise 1: Sing “More Than Anything” three times. 1st time, breathe once per line. 2nd time, breathe twice per line. 3rd time, breathe four times per line.

Now you can learn to sing right here in Post Falls. Learn more here.

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