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Fame Meets M.I.T.

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Last summer, we told you about a new private school opening in Post Falls. Since then, River Tech has only expanded.

River Tech is a Christian, competency-based school of performing arts and technology. Think Fame meets M.I.T. for children. The day starts with math and English, as all schools do. But it’s what happens after recess that sets River Tech apart.

First, they have performing arts classes like choir, musical theater, and filmmaking. Then, they have technology classes like coding, robotics, and 3D modeling.

Dan and Marija Hegelund wanted to open a school where kids would learn at their own pace. They also felt there would be a demand for a Christian and conservative school that taught perennial wisdoms rather than woke fads. “You are more likely to learn about CS Lewis here than critical race theory,” says Dan, the principal. “Our school focuses on learning entrepreneurial trade skills that you can use immediately upon graduation. With a balance between artistic and technological skills, River Tech appeals to creative and tech-savvy students.”

A study commissioned by BLUUM shows there will be 42,000 more K-12 students in Idaho by 2030, compared to 2020. The same study shows the state will need to build 104 new schools to accommodate the influx of new families. Kootenai County ranks third among Idaho counties needing new schools.

For those looking to enroll their children in August, River Tech still has spots open for ages 8-14. Learn more here.

River Tech Elementary is at 1687 E. Horsehaven Ave., Post Falls.

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