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Wonderful Post Falls

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of big-city life? Does the frantic pace leave you feeling drained and burnt out? It may be time to escape to a place where nature beckons at every turn. Look no further than Post Falls, Idaho. This tranquil oasis offers visitors an escape from urban chaos.

Located in Kootenai County, Idaho, Post Falls sits on the banks of the Spokane River close to the Washington border. Its beauty lies in its proximity to lush forests, towering mountains, picturesque lakes, and waterfalls - it has everything for those seeking peace in nature. One can spend hours exploring miles of hiking trails that crisscross diverse terrain dotted with evergreen trees that stretch towards endless blue skies.

During summer, when temperatures are warmest, Lake Coeur d'Alene is just minutes away from Post Falls - perfect for lazy afternoons spent lounging on soft sand beaches or paddling out onto crystal clear waters while soaking up panoramic views of surrounding hillsides. The lake also attracts kayakers and paddle boarders who navigate through narrow channels taking delight in wildlife sightings along wetlands full of vibrant flora contrasting with golden grasses.

Post Falls is known as an angler's paradise with rivers teaming with rainbow trout, which throngs thousands each year, making this spot extremely popular among those who love their fishing adventures. Hiking enthusiasts will enjoy venturing into Spokane River Centennial Trail – a 37-mile long trail stretching all way downtown provides scenic escapes all year round making one feel pure serenity amidst intermittent sunbeams streaming through foliage cover, forming a picture-perfect landscape.

For history buffs, museums like Museum Amtrak & Frontier Village Historical Society showcase life-size exhibits where visitors may learn more about early pioneers settling here while admiring artifacts dating back several hundred years, including ancient weapons used by Nez Perce tribes centuries ago!

Another attraction not-to-be-missed is Falls Park, with its striking waterfall cascading down tiers of rocks. It creates a dramatic spectacle that draws both locals and tourists alike. The landscaping here is perfect – sprawling grass fields spread across gently rolling hills amidst tall, dense trees surrounding majestic rock formations- picture-perfect for picnicking on warm summer afternoons.

Apart from these undeniably awe-inspiring outdoor excursions, beautiful Post Falls, situated in North Idaho, is a seat of learning and a center of artistic output. It is home to:

  • River Tech School of Performing Art & Technology

  • River Tech Music School

  • Wing Chun JKD Martial Arts School

...and more.


Whatever your interests may be, Post Falls is an excellent destination where you're bound to find fun activities that will appeal to everyone's likes. From natural marvels such as lakes, waterfalls, hikes, and trails, historic museums showcasing significant decades-old pieces, and several activity centers catering to various age groups-there's something here for every kind of traveler! So pack your bags today and make this serene Idaho land your dream vacation in no time!

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