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Wing Chun JKD

Martial Arts School in Post Falls

Ip Man's Wing Chun–Bruce Lee's Philosophy.

If you're a homeschool family looking for a martial arts school that teaches self-defense, physical fitness, and mental discipline, look no further than Wing Chun JKD Martial Arts School in Post Falls.

With a focus on close-range combat and quick, efficient movements, Wing Chun is the perfect martial art for anyone looking to improve their health and well-being.


Wing Chun makes up the foundation in our school. We also learn various other techniques from JKD (Jeet Kune Do), Tai Chi, Boxing, Eskrima, and HEMA in harmony with Bruce Lee's philosophy "there is no such thing as style if you understand the roots of combat."


We utilize a light sparring methodology that is fun, hands-on, and has the benefits of allowing realistic sparring without anyone getting hurt. Our experienced instructor will guide you through every training step, from learning the basic techniques to more advanced drills. And with a supportive and welcoming community of fellow students, you'll be sure to have fun while pushing yourself to become the best martial artist you can be


Wing Chun JKD Martial Arts School in Post Falls is directed by Dan Hegelund, the Principal of River Tech School.

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What is JKD

What Is Wing Chun JKD?

Wing Chun was practiced by Ip Man and Bruce Lee, two of the world’s most famous martial artists. Today, masters like Tu Tengyao and Octavio Quintero inspire our training here at Wing Chun JKD, Post Falls. Check out the videos below, and if you want to learn to fight like that, read on to see if Wing Chun JKD in Post Falls is the right martial arts school for you. —Sifu Dan.

Who Should Join Wing Chun JKD?

Our class for teenagers/high schoolers is open to the home school community and takes place Tuedays from 1.30-2.15 pm. starting August 22nd, 2023. Our class for adults is likewise open to the public and takes place on Tuesdays from 2.15-3.15 pm. (If a parent and teenager want to train together, the teen may stay during the adult practice). We do not currently offer classes for children.

Tuition is $30/month (towards the rent). Waiver must be signed before practice.

Feel free to try once for free, and when you are ready to sign up, book here.