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Application Process

Explore the seamless journey towards enrollment at River Tech.

Navigate through our straightforward Application Process to discover the steps, engage with our community, and ensure a smooth transition for your child's educational adventure.

Five Steps for Seamless Admission

At River Tech, we've crafted an educational haven for tech-savvy and artistic students, rooted in conservative values. If your child flourishes in an environment that seamlessly blends creativity with technology, where smaller classes foster meaningful connections, and Christian virtues are celebrated then River Tech K-12 is the ideal education.

Below, you will find the five steps guiding your journey to enrollment at River Tech. We encourage you to revisit the application process page periodically to ensure completion of each step and track your progress in the admission process.

Explore, inquire, and join our community during this informative stage.

Begin your journey by attending open houses, exploring River Tech's website, and sending inquiries via email. This foundational step is an exploration where you learn about us, and we learn about you. 

Complete early registration for priority consideration; securing a spot depends on various factors.

Take an active step by completing early registration for priority consideration. While it doesn't guarantee a spot, it prioritizes your application, enhancing your child's chances of joining River Tech. 

Immerse yourself in cultural and artistic opportunities, connecting with our vibrant community.

Join the private Facebook group, attend events like "The Greatest Showman," and explore free choir practices to get to know River Tech better. This step lets you get to know River Tech better and helps your children ease into their new school surroundings. 

Schedule a one-on-one interview with or staff for insights, questions, and assessment.

Engage in a one-on-one discussion with our staff to gain insights, ask questions, and allow us to assess your child's levels in math and English. This personalized interaction is crucial for both understanding your needs and evaluating your child's potential at River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology. 

Await approval or rejection, which will be communicated after the interview with our staff.

Await the communicated outcome after the interview with our staff. This final step marks the end of your application journey, with the result indicating the status of your child's admission at River Tech. 

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