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Step Three: Connect and Engage

Discover the Heartbeat of River Tech's Community.


As you progress through the enrollment journey, it's time to prepare for the next step. Connect and engage with these exciting opportunities:

1. Join the Private Facebook Group

Enhance Your Connection Through Social Interaction.  

Immerse yourself in the River Tech community by joining our private Facebook group . This step focuses on sharing, connecting, and experiencing the vibrant life within our school.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook

2. Attend "The Greatest Showman" Performance

Experience River Tech's Artistic Talents

Participate in our school events, starting with "The Greatest Showman." Attend and witness the artistic talents of our students, celebrating creativity and artistic expression.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook

3. Join the Choir

Transition Smoothly into River Tech; Cultivate Connections Through Music and Creative Engagement.

Encourage your child's artistic spirit by exploring our free choir practices . This step emphasizes connecting through music, expressing artistic passion, and engaging in a creative community. It's also a unique opportunity for a smooth transition, allowing your child to meet fellow River Tech students before the school year officially begins.

  • Youtube
  • Facebook
Graetest Showman image.001.jpeg

Engaging in these opportunities not only lets you experience the vibrancy of River Tech but also helps your child seamlessly transition into our community. By sharing, connecting, and celebrating together, you become an integral part of the River Tech family.

Next Step: Staff Interview  - Schedule a one-on-one interview with our staff for insights, questions, and assessment.

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