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Step Four: Staff Interview

Schedule a mandatory one-on-one interview with our staff for insights, questions, and assessment 📨

As you advance through the enrollment process, the next crucial step is the Staff Interview & Assessment. Prepare for this personalized interaction:

1. Interview

You Will Be Interviewed.  

Prepare for a thoughtful conversation during the interview. School interviews typically involve discussions about your child's interests, educational background, and your expectations. This is a two-way interaction; we want to understand your needs, and you have the opportunity to learn more about River Tech. It is imperative that older children approach this interview with the seriousness it deserves. Please review the dress code beforehand, as presenting oneself well aligns with our values. Additionally, older children should be ready to engage in a conversation with the principal and teachers, showcasing good manners, respect, and a sincere desire to be part of the River Tech community. The interview is a pivotal moment, setting the stage for a collaborative and enriching educational journey.

Note: For younger children, such as kindergarteners and first graders, the interview process is designed to be more relaxed and age-appropriate. Our focus is on creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for their introduction to River Tech.

2. Assessment

Evaluate Math and English Skills.

In this phase, we'll discuss your child's current Math and English proficiency. It's not a test but a conversation where parents and students share their comfort levels in these subjects. Parents, please prepare by understanding your child's standing beforehand. This helps us recommend the right starting point and allows you to engage with our curriculum materials. If needed, adjustments can be made post-assessment to ensure your child is appropriately challenged and supported in their academic journey.

First graders may be asked to read Bob Books for assessment purposes, evaluating their progress from kindergarten.

3. Q&A

Seize the Opportunity to Ask and Engage.

The Q&A session is not just for parents—it's an open forum for both parents and students. For older children aged ten and above, it's mandatory to come prepared with two questions. This not only allows them to actively participate in the conversation but also gives us a valuable chance to assess their social skills. Polite and thoughtful interaction with teachers is key, showcasing their readiness to be part of the River Tech community. Parents, feel free to ask any questions you may have about our curriculum, school policies, or any other aspect of River Tech. Your questions contribute to a transparent and supportive partnership between your family and River Tech.

Engaging in this conversation is a pivotal moment in your journey toward enrollment at River Tech. It provides valuable information for both you and the school, ensuring that River Tech is the right fit for your child's educational adventure.

Next Step: Application Outcome  - Await approval or denial, which will be communicated after the interview with the principal.

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