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River Tech Children's Choir

Children's Choir in Post Falls

In the style of One Voice Children's Choir. FREE. 

River Tech Children's Choir in Post Falls is directed by award-winning vocal coach & choir director Dan Hegelund. Now is your opportunity to be trained by an expert singing teacher, and give your voice the chance to blossom it deserves. FREE for the homeschool community. 

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What is JKD

What Sets River Tech Children's Choir Apart?

River Tech Music is more affordable and more experienced than the competition. 

PRICE — FREE. That's right; River Tech School offers their children's choir FREE to the homeschool community. 

EXPERIENCE — Now you have an opportunity to learn from acclaimed producer, composer, vocal coach and choir director, Dan Hegelund, whose resume includes studio recordings, radio- and TV broadcasts, and concerts in venues such as the Presidential Palace in Kiev, Ukraine, the Latvian Government, Clash Of The Choirs, Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, Christmas Spectacular, Northwest Folklife Festival, and Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival.


Dan Hegelund has performed in 30+ countries, and his music is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Dan Hegelund holds a Master’s Degree from Uppsala University (Sweden) and is the Principal of River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology in Post Falls.


With Dan Hegelund, you will receive unparalleled, professional, and masterful instruction. Some of Dan Hegelund’s past students have been finalists in televised talent shows and now enjoy professional music careers. For example, Sofia Olsson, (”True Talent" Finalist, Sweden), Feridah Rose ("Denmark's Got Talent" Semi-Finalist), and Rasma Freimane ("Top Overall Vocalist", Tech Music School, London).

REHEARSALS — (Last updated 10/19/23) River Tech Children's Choir rehearses Tuesdays from 12.45-1.30 pm. You will need to reach out to Dan Hegelund at or text 425-444-2081 to let him know you are coming.

— River Tech Music School, 1687 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, ID.

SNEAK PEEK — Dan has recorded two FREE video courses (below); check them out to see Dan's teaching style. We have also posted a couple of our past performances.