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River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology

Where Creativity and Innovation Converge

  • Focused Personal Attention: At River Tech, our 1:10 student-teacher ratio is more than a number; it's our approach to fostering deep connections and understanding every child's unique aspirations.

  • Embracing Each Student's Pace: We value each student's individual journey. Through our competency-based approach, they grow at their own speed, gaining confidence and understanding.

  • Rooted in Deep-seated Values: Our foundation in Christian and conservative teachings ensures that, while we look to the future, we remain grounded in enduring principles that guide life's path.

  • Preparation for Life's Realities: Our curriculum recognizes the challenges that lie ahead. By interweaving lessons in relationships, finances, health, and entrepreneurship, we shape students ready for life beyond the classroom.

  • Empowering Tech Pioneers: In today’s fast-paced digital age, we don't just introduce technology – we immerse students in it, cultivating innovators and leaders.

  • A Haven for Artistic Souls: Whether it's capturing a scene, crafting a melody, or expressing through dance, River Tech nurtures every artistic spirit, turning passions into profound expressions.

What We Are About


River Tech is more than a school; it's a community where your child's passions, be they artistic or technological, are recognized, celebrated, and honed. Discover with us a holistic approach to education, blending timeless values with modern skills, preparing students not just for exams, but for life.

Meet the Staff

River Tech Background.jpg

Dan Hegelund, principal at River Tech, holds a B.S. and M.S in Political Science. Dan is a professional vocal coach, choir director, music director, etc. He has thirty years of experience teaching and producing music and heads the River Tech Arts department. Expect concerts, musicals, studio recordings, music videos, choir trips, talent shows, music festivals, etc. 


Mary Hegelund holds a B.S. and M.S. in Education and leads River Tech Elementary. She has worked at a preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school and as a homeschooler of three children. Mary loves teaching children team building, teamwork, and leadership skills. This year she is also teaching the high schoolers a class in nutrition & health.

Jordan Ezell holds a B.S. in Game Development and a degree from Master's Commission in Biblical Studies. Jordan loves creating board games and video games, and can't wait to teach our students how to create their own games. Expect your kids to learn programming, robotics, 3D animation, videography, sound engineering, game development, etc.  

Luke Hegelund has served as the commander of Coeur d'Alene Composite Squadron – Civil Air Patrol, with the rank of Major. Luke has a passion for technology—especially filmmaking and 3D modeling. He is also a skilled multi-instrumentalistand an A-student who, parallel with working as a teaching assistant at River Tech, is working on completing his associates degree.

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