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Step One: The Research Phase

Explore, inquire, and join our community during this informative stage.

Welcome to the first step on your journey to enroll at River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology. The Research Phase is a crucial exploration where you get to know us, and we get to know you. Here's how you can navigate this informative stage:

1. Attend Open Houses

Discover the Essence.  

Join us at our open houses to experience the heart of River Tech. Tour our facilities, meet faculty members, and get a feel for our vibrant community.

Open House 

Thursday, June 20th at 1 pm.

If these times don't work for you, contact us to book another time.

Address: 1687 E. Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls.

Please email​ to let us know you are coming or to cancel if you can't make it.​​​​​​


Missed the deadline? You can still enroll today 

2. Explore Our Website

Uncover the Details.

Delve into the details of River Tech's philosophy, curriculum, calendar, and policies by exploring our website. Gain comprehensive insights into what makes River Tech a unique educational haven.

Begin with our grade-specific overviews to see how we cater to each learning stage:

Explore our community through firsthand references & reviews , then get a feel for our commitment to innovation on our Technology  and Performing Arts  pages.

Don't miss our About page  and School Resources  for a complete picture of River Tech. This curated journey will give you a solid understanding of what sets River Tech apart.

3. Send Inquiries via Email

Ask and Connect.

Have specific questions or need more information? Feel free to reach out to us by sending inquiries via email. Our dedicated staff is here to provide the answers you seek.


Your journey at River Tech begins with understanding the essence of our community. Take the time to attend open houses, explore our website, and connect with us through inquiries. The Research Phase sets the foundation for a seamless enrollment process.

Next Step: Secure Your Spot  - Complete early registration for priority consideration; securing a spot depends on various factors.

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