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Step Two: Secure Your Spot

Complete early registration for priority consideration; securing a spot depends on various factors.

Congratulations on completing the Research Phase ! Now, let's ensure your child's place at River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology. Secure Your Spot with these straightforward steps:

1. Early Registration

Priority Consideration.  

Take an active step towards securing a spot for your child by completing early registration. While it doesn't guarantee placement, it prioritizes your application, enhancing your child's chances of joining River Tech.

Register Now.

2. Submission Deadline

Act Promptly.

Be mindful of the submission deadline for early registration. Acting promptly ensures that your child's application is considered in the initial review process.

Enrollment Opens: February 20th
Enrollment Deadline: April 15th

Register Now.

3. Application Fee

Invest in Potential.

Alongside early registration, submit the application fee. This fee helps us invest in the potential of each student and facilitates a comprehensive review of applications.

The annual registration fee is $250/household for those who register by April 15th.
After this date, the fee increases to $375/household. If your application is denied, you will receive a 40% refund. 

Register early to secure your spot and take advantage of the reduced rate. 
Learn about our
Scholarships here.

Register Now.

Your commitment to early registration is a key factor in prioritizing your child's application. By acting promptly and investing in their potential, you lay the foundation for a seamless enrollment process.

Next Step: Connect and Engage  - Immerse yourself in cultural and artistic opportunities, connecting with our vibrant community.

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