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1983-1990 — Formal Music Training.

I was raised in a musical home. My mother, Linda Meissner from the pages of the book, “The Cross & The Switchblade,” together with Trena McDougal and Becky Lozano, started a musical trio that toured the USA and released several albums. My home was always full of music: classical music, jazz, and worship. From ages 6-14, I received weekly private lessons. I participated in several piano concerts and competitions. That’s when opportunities began to open for me.

1991-2001 — On Stage and Abroad.

I was a soloist, and substitute director, for the professional choir, Kefas, led by Peter Steinvig, with whom I traveled and performed extensively both in Denmark and abroad (including choir festivals in Italy and Poland). I also directed my own choir, Amager Gospel Choir, and I hosted a weekly music radio show at Radio Amager. During this time, I was also the music & choir director at International Harvest Christian Center, for Pastor James Commey. During this time I trained martial arts. I first learnt Wing Chun from my mentor, James Cheng, in my early teens. He taught me to adapt other styles in the spirit of Bruce Lee.

1996-2004 — Christiania Legal Group.

I worked as the personal assistant of Paul Kall Knudsen, chairman of Christiania's Legal Group on criminal and social justice issues. The most interesting aspect of the job was to witness–first hand–the interactions of politicians, lawyers, journalists, criminologists, researchers, gang members, drug dealers, etc. I had the honor of meeting such distinguished personalities as Jacob Ludvigsen, Tine Bryld, and Erling Olsen.

2001-2008 — More Stage and Studio.

I served as a music & choir director at United Methodist Church, Copenhagen, for Bishop Christian Alsted. During this time I also pioneered and organized Young Copenhagen Gospel Festival. I married my wife of 20 years in 2003. We have three children. In 2004 we moved to Latvia, where I was employed as a music & choir director. I traveled extensively throughout Eastern Europe, Ukraine, and Russia, training worship teams and doing countless music productions, both live, in studio, and on radio and television. I performed before Latvia’s government cabinet and in the Presidential Palace of Kiev, Ukraine. I worked with artists such as Adlan Cruz, Alexey Ledyaev, Kenneth Ulmer, Pavel Murashov, Sunday Adelaja, Ulf Kristiansson, and Vaidas Vyšniauskas.

2004-2008 — Latvia's First Party.
While in Latvia, I had an opportunity to work with Deputy Inta Feldmane as a volunteer coordinator for Latvia’s First Party (Latvian: Latvijas Pirmā Partija, LPP). At the time, LPP held ten seats in the hundred-seat Saeima and was part of the governing coalition. I had the honor to work with politicians like Ainārs Šlesers, Ainars Baštiks, and Juris Lujāns. I traveled to Murmansk (Russia), Chernobyl (Belarus), and Barsebäck (Sweden) to bring attention to environmental concerns with nuclear waste.

2008-2010 — Common Ground Choir.

In Sweden, I continued to arrange concerts, festivals, choir-trips, as well as participating in the nationally televised TV-program, “Battle Of The Choirs” (TV4). I continued to give private singing lessons, with some of my students being finalists in televised talent shows. For example, Sofia Olsson (“True Talent” Finalist, Sweden), Feridah Rose (“Denmark’s Got Talent” Semi-Finalist), and Rasma Freimane (Top Overall Vocalist, Tech Music School, London). I worked with international artists such as Bröderna Rongedal, Carsten Gröndal, Ron Kenoly, Emmanuel & Ruth Waldron, Jnr Robinson, Gospel Groove Company, Kristian Benedikt, Normunds Piesis, Rigas Gospel Choir, and Sing Out.

2008-2015 — B.S & M.S. Degrees.

By 2008, I had 19 years of ministry experience in a variety of leadership roles and 13 years experience of working internationally with local and state governments, community-based organizations, and other jurisdictions. So, I decided to supplement my hands-on experience with academic credentials. 2008-2012, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Orebro University. I did my research and wrote my thesis on Keynesian and Austrian Economics. 2012-2015, I obtained a Master of Science in Political Science from Uppsala University. I did my research and wrote my thesis on Ethnic and Cultural Identity.

2014-2020 — Moving to USA

We moved to the Seattle area in 2014. We launched a non-profit, The Trail Youth (featured on Returning The Favor with Mike Rowe), a Christian Coffee House, street evangelism with 25 evangelists, and a church plant, Tacoma Faith. During this time I also taught music at Voice In The Valley, TakeLessons,  and Udemy (where I offer a classical piano course, with 40,000+ students enrolled). Since moving to the USA, I performed in many venues like Northwest Folklife Festival, Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival, and Christmas Spectacular.

2020-present — Relocating to Idaho.

In the aftermath of the riots and lockdowns of 2020, we relocated our family to Post Falls, Idaho. We have started a Christian Coffee House in Spokane and a K-12 private school in Post Falls. I continue to write and produce books, albums, courses, classes, concerts, etc. In 2021, Man's Place in God's Plan was published. 




Welcome to Dan Hegelund's official website. Dan lives with his family in Post Falls, Idaho. He is the the principal of River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology.  


Mary and I have been married for 20 years and we have three children, Luke (18), Evelyn (12), and Daeny (7). Read on to learn more.


I hold a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in Political Science. I also hold extensive formal music training (more on that later). In 2021, we opened a K-12 school, called River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology. We now have 30 students learning solid academics in a healthy & safe environment. Watch the video below for inspiration.


I also offer several free and paid, online and in-person courses & classes. For example, I have created a free online piano and singing courses here. I also teach private piano & singing lessons here


To invite Dan for a master class, workshop, or consultation on how to start a school, email


Now you have an opportunity to learn from acclaimed producer, composer, pianist, and vocal coach, Dan Hegelund, whose resume includes studio recordings, radio- and TV broadcasts, and concerts in venues such as the Presidential Palace in Kiev, Ukraine, the Latvian Government, Clash Of The Choirs, Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, Christmas Spectacular, Northwest Folklife Festival, and Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival.


Some of Dan Hegelund’s past students have been finalists in televised talent shows and now enjoy professional music careers. For example, Sofia Olsson, (”True Talent" Finalist, Sweden), Feridah Rose ("Denmark's Got Talent" Semi-Finalist), and Rasma Freimane ("Top Overall Vocalist", Tech Music School, London).


Over the years, I have written over fifty original songs. Twelve of them are recorded on my album, DesertYou can listen to it here. Watch the video below for a sample. My music is available on Spotify and iTunes.​

I am currently recording two albums: a Christmas album and a love album (expected release 2024 and 2025). To invite Dan for a performance or masterclass, email


In 2021, I published Man's Place in God's Plan—Crushed, Loved, and CrownedPart I of the book brings comfort to a hurting heart. I share the healing words that lifted my spirit and restored my soul to life. Part II of the book is about the love of Christ. Whereas part one repairs a broken cup, part two fills the cup with love overflowing. Part three is about your place in this world after you are mended and filled. You can buy the book on Amazon here, and my blog here.

To invite Dan for a book reading, book signing, or book presentation, email



We have opened River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology in Post Falls. 


We have opened Jesus People Coffee House in Spokane. Every weekend, we drive to Spokane, WA, to serve free food, live music, powerful testimonies, rehab, and—as a result—changed lives.

We have launched several choirs, for all ages, and of course concerts, albums, and music videos.


We are writing and producing vital resources, classes, courses, books, and CDs. Check out Dan's newest book, Man's Place in God's Plan, published in 2021.


None of this would be possible without the faithful support of our partners. Thank you!


Please prayerfully consider if you too will not be a steadfast partner, that we can rely on for monthly financial support. We are frugal, and you will be sowing into fertile ground.


Tax-deductible donations can be made to our non-profit ministry, "Faithful Five", 1517 E 1st Ave, Post Falls, 83854, ID. We will send you a newsletter with updates and reports.

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