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River Tech High

River Tech High stands at the forefront of educational excellence, integrating cutting-edge technology, a flourishing performing arts scene, and strong Christian ethics, to prepare students in grades 9-12 for a successful life after graduation.

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Open House 

Thursday, June 20th at 1 pm.

If these times don't work for you, contact us to book another time.

Address: 1687 E. Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls.

Please email​ to let us know you are coming or to cancel if you can't make it.​​​​​​


Missed the deadline? You can still enroll today 

At River Tech High, we've redefined education with a vision that aligns with the aspirations and dynamism of young adults. Here, we don't just prepare students for their future; we empower them to shape it with clarity and conviction. Envision a place where education breaks free from traditional limits, where smaller class sizes foster deep, enduring connections and personalized learning allows each student to excel at their own pace.

In our halls, cutting-edge technology harmonizes with the vibrancy of the performing arts, creating an environment ripe for innovation and creativity. This dynamic setting is underpinned by our Christian values, guiding us in nurturing not only academically proficient students but also morally grounded young adults. Our educators, each an expert in their field, are more than teachers; they are mentors who inspire students to harness their potential and envision a future brimming with possibilities.

At River Tech High School, learning extends far beyond the classroom. Our students are engaged in a rich array of in-class interactive experiences and field trips, stimulating exploration, engagement, and growth in various aspects of life. River Tech High is not just a stepping stone; it's a launchpad into a world of opportunities, a place where every student is seen, valued, and prepared for the challenges and triumphs ahead.

We warmly invite you to experience this innovative and nurturing environment at our next open house event. Join us to see firsthand how River Tech High School is shaping a brighter, more connected future for our students.

Table Of Content

“There is a true feeling of safety, fun, and excellence at River Tech."


01. Student Enrollment Criteria

River Tech High School is an ideal place for students who are deeply interested in arts and technology. We welcome academically driven learners who are ready to dive into advanced and innovative studies.


02. Tuition Payment Options

River Tech Tuition Rates 2024-25 NEW.001.jpeg

At River Tech, we offer flexible payment options for our families, as per the table above.

  • Annual Payment: Receive a 5% discount when paying for the entire school year in one lump sum.

  • Monthly Payment: Spread your payments over twelve months, beginning at the end of July.


Registration Fee:

  • Registration is $250 per household for those who register by April 15th. 
    After April 15th, the fee increases to $325/household.

Annual Payment Details:

  • Discount: Pay the full year's tuition upfront and enjoy a 5% discount.

  • Method: Please make your check payable to “River Tech School” and mail it to: River Tech, 1517 E 1st Ave, 83854 Post Falls, ID.

Monthly Payment Details:

  • Setup: Automatic payments must be set up via our website here.

  • Initial Payment: Your first payment is due no later than July 25th.

  • Mid-Year Start: If starting mid-year, two months' tuition is required initially. For example, starting the 4-Day program in January would require 2 x $575 = $1150 by the end of December.

  • Reason for Initial Extra Month: This covers start-up costs like desks, books, and equipment.

Sibling Discount Policy:

  • 2 Children: Receive a 5% discount on total tuition.

  • 3 Children: Receive a 6% discount on total tuition.

  • 4 or More Children: Receive a 7% discount on total tuition.

Please note that the maximum discount available is 7%. For instance, if you enroll 2 children and opt for upfront annual payment (which normally qualifies for an additional 5% discount), the total discount applied will still be capped at 7%.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Opportunities:

  • For detailed information on our available scholarships, including how to apply, visit our Scholarships page. In addition, financial reimbursement options are accessible through partnerships with programs such as School Trep and Harmony.


Tuition Coverage and Personal Technology Requirement:

  • Tuition at River Tech includes all textbooks, and access to advanced tech equipment (like computers, robots, 3D printers) and musical instruments (keyboards, guitars, etc.). Students are required to bring their own laptop or tablet for classroom use. This personal device, which is not covered by tuition, should be brought in a protective case. For specific device requirements, please see the 'Technology Requirements' section below.

Questions or Assistance Needed?

  • Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for any queries or further information.


03. Technology Requirements

High school students are expected to have a laptop that meets our specified requirements. This is crucial for engaging with our advanced tech curriculum and for project-based learning. 

Please refer to the following guide for recommended laptop specifications to ensure full compatibility with our software and educational programs:


Laptop Minimum Specifications:

  • Processor: Intel Core i3 or better (Apple's M1 compatible)

  • Memory: 8GB DDR4 RAM

  • Graphics: Graphics processor with at least 512 MB video memory

  • Compatible Graphics Cards:

    • NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series (2008 or newer)

    • AMD Radeon HD 5000 series (2009 or newer)

    • Intel HD Graphics 4000 GT2 (2012 or newer)


04. Registration

To enroll in River Tech High School, start with our online registration and a registration fee. We invite families to visit our campus to understand the opportunities and environment we offer for high school students.

Open House 

Thursday, June 20th at 1 pm.

If these times don't work for you, contact us to book another time.

Address: 1687 E. Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls.

Please email​ to let us know you are coming or to cancel if you can't make it.​​​​​​


Missed the deadline? You can still enroll today 


05. School Logistics

Our high school program follows a schedule that supports academic excellence and personal growth. We have a distinct academic calendar to maximize the educational experience. For more details, contact Principal Dan Hegelund at


More to Explore

In the following section, we reveal the extra layers that contribute to our students' holistic growth, preparing them for a future filled with possibilities.


College Coaching

At River Tech High, we not only support but also encourage dual enrollment, complemented by our dedicated college coaching program. For instance, consider a student who excels in English and has completed Level 4. We encourage such a student to take on a college course like Composition I, while continuing with their regular academic tracks.

A student engaged in dual enrollment will still enjoy the full support of our teachers. Their daily routine remains largely consistent with their peers, with the primary difference being their participation in college-level courses, guided and supervised by a teacher.

In addition to this day-to-day support, we offer strategic assistance for broader educational planning. This includes personalized advice on choosing the most suitable college, selecting the right degree program, navigating student aid options, and more. Each student receives individualized guidance tailored to their unique journey.

Cooking Eggs

Education Meets Kitchen

River Tech High School is excited to introduce "Café Tech," a pioneering program where students take charge of the entire process of meal service—planning menus, purchasing ingredients, cooking dishes, and selling them directly in our school cafeteria. 


From budget management and entrepreneurship to culinary arts and customer service, "Café Tech" offers a hands-on approach to learning that transcends traditional classroom boundaries. Each step, from market to table, is an opportunity for our students to apply academic concepts in real-world situations, fostering a sense of responsibility, teamwork, and community spirit.


The proceeds from these student-led lunches will support a special high school field trip in the spring, adding a meaningful goal to their efforts. Join us as we embark on this gastronomic journey, where every lunch is a lesson in itself.

On a Roller Coaster

Field Trips

At River Tech High School, students experience roughly ten field trips each year, a practice we uphold to significantly enrich their educational journey, far surpassing the typical one or no field trips offered by many other high schools.

Our carefully curated trips are designed to extend learning beyond the classroom walls, providing real-world applications and immersive experiences that textbooks alone cannot offer. From the hands-on learning at local farms to the historical insights gained in museum halls, these excursions foster a deeper understanding of curriculum content.

Equally important are our visits to fun spots like Silverwood and Roller Valley, where students not only enjoy themselves but also learn the value of social interaction, teamwork, and community outside the conventional academic setting. 

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