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In a world where technology and humanity intertwine more deeply every day, the seeds we plant in education today will define the landscape of our shared future. At River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology, we nurture these seeds with utmost care, and a profound commitment to the holistic growth of our students. We ensure they are firmly rooted in the Christian & Conservative values we cherish, while also being fully prepared to excel in the innovative challenges of tomorrow. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted not just to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the world but to forge the leaders who will shape its path. 


The "Coding" page invites students into an inspiring journey from the intuitive block-based coding in Scratch to the dynamic world of C# with Unity, igniting a passion for creating and innovating in the digital realm.


Digital Arts

The "Digital Arts" page delves into the fusion of traditional and modern art, from mastering 2D drawing with Sketchbook Pro to bringing visions to life through 3D modeling with Blender and tangible 3D printing projects


Artificial Intelligence

The "Artificial Intelligence" page explores the world of AI, from the fundamentals of machine learning to the complexities of deep learning. Engage with cutting-edge technology that powers the future.


The "Robotics" page presents our engaging journey from the foundational experiences with Vex Robotics to the advanced projects using Arduino, inspiring students to embrace innovation and shape the future of tech.


Film Making

The "Film Making" page unveils the art of storytelling through film, guiding students through every step from scriptwriting and acting to editing and visual effects, empowering them bring their cinematic visions to life.



The "Biotechnology" page delves into the expansive realm of biotech, highlighting its role in advancing health care, agriculture, and bioengineering through innovative cellular and biomolecular technologies.

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