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Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts at River Tech School, a place where passion meets creativity and every voice finds its melody.

At the heart of our artistic community is our Musical Theater program, a vibrant stage where students shine, blending acting, singing, and dancing into unforgettable performances. Our Children's Choir resonates with youthful energy and harmony, providing a nurturing platform for young vocalists to explore and grow. This July, we're excited to introduce a New Gospel Choir, set to elevate the spirit of song with soulful rhythms and inspiring chorales. Beyond these programs lies the expansive River Tech School of Performing Arts, a dedicated space where students immerse themselves in the world of performance, developing not just their talents, but also their confidence and character. Join us on this exhilarating journey as we celebrate expression, innovation, and the endless possibilities of the performing arts.


Musical Theater

The "Musical Theater" page celebrates the vibrant world of performance at River Tech, where students shine in acting, singing, and dancing. From classics like "The Jungle Book" and "Annie" to our current "The Greatest Showman," and the eagerly anticipated "Journey to Bethlehem," our stage is a canvas for storytelling and talent.

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Common Ground Gospel Choir

The "Gospel Choir" page features the Common Ground Gospel Choir, uniting diverse gospel sounds from Kirk Franklin and Maverick City to the inventive styles of Jacob Collier. It's a community that celebrates the joy of gospel music, welcoming all who love to sing and share in the harmony and spirit of fellowship.


Children's Choir

The "Children's Choir" page introduces the River Tech Children's Choir, directed by Dan Hegelund, echoing the style of One Voice Children's Choir. Enjoy their performances from hits like "The Greatest Showman" and "Journey to Bethlehem," and experience the joy of their seasonal concerts, including a special Christmas performance.

Music Class

School of Performing Arts

The "School of Performing Arts" page at River Tech presents an expansive program where students engage with a wide array of disciplines, from various musical instruments and vocals to exploring dance, acting, and musical theater. Alongside, they develop skills in drawing and filmmaking, enriching their artistic journey.

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