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Now Hiring: Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher at River Tech School

River Tech is on the lookout for a dedicated Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher.  This role offers a unique opportunity to join a dynamic, supportive team committed to fostering both intellectual and emotional growth in our students. At the heart of River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology, Christian and conservative values coexist seamlessly with a commitment to technological and artistic innovation. If these values resonate with you and you possess the requisite skills and passion for teaching, we warmly invite you to apply and become a vital part of our community.

Introduction to River Tech School


Welcome to River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology, where the fusion of creativity and innovation sets the foundation for an exceptional educational journey. Nestled in the heart of a community that values deep-seated Christian and conservative principles, River Tech stands as a beacon of excellence in fostering the intellectual and emotional growth of young minds.


At River Tech, we champion focused personal attention, with a 1:10 student-teacher ratio that ensures every child is acknowledged and supported. Our education is customized to meet each student at their point of need, guiding them through their educational journey at their own pace, instilling confidence and a strong sense of community.


Our curriculum is a tapestry woven with threads of technological prowess and artistic expression, designed to prepare students for the realities of life while nurturing their innate talents. From the arts to entrepreneurship, from digital literacy to the core values of health and relationships, our educational model is holistic and forward-thinking.


In the heart of our ethos lies a commitment to not just educate, but to inspire and empower the next generation of tech pioneers and artistic souls. At River Tech, we don't just teach – we ignite passions and transform them into profound expressions of creativity and innovation.


Joining our teaching team means you'll play a crucial role in this transformative process, helping to shape the minds and hearts of our youngest learners in an environment that values and celebrates each student's individual journey.



Candidate Qualifications and Qualities

At River Tech School, we are in search of passionate educators who are not only dedicated to their craft but also resonate with our core values and educational philosophy. Below, we outline the primary qualities and qualifications we seek.




Faith Alignment: Candidates should be comfortable broadly identifying within the Christian faith to nurture a spiritually enriching environment that cherishes our Christian heritage.


Common-Sense Conservatism: We appreciate straightforward, traditional perspectives on societal and economic issues, emphasizing the foundational pillars of God, family, and community, and wary of modern ideologies that stray from these core principles.


Versatility and Adaptability: Energy and enthusiasm for teaching a wide array of subjects are crucial, primarily at the Kindergarten-First Grade levels, with the willingness and ability to also engage Second-Fourth Grade students as needed. Our curriculum spans from core subjects like Math and English to the creative realms of performing arts and crafts.


Team Player in a Small Environment: We're a small team in a newer school, learning and growing together. We offer a fulfilling work environment, extended time off, and the chance to be part of building something special from the ground up.




Educational Background: A bachelor's degree is preferred, though we welcome young adults at the start of their careers with relevant experience in leadership or educational roles. (Note: A higher pay rate will be offered to candidates with degrees.)


Subject Proficiency: Ability in at least two of the following areas - technology, performing arts, foreign languages, or physical education - is highly desirable but not mandatory.


Character and Disposition: We seek individuals of exemplary moral character, free from addictions, in good psychological and physical health, and capable of serving as inspirational role models for our students. A positive, solution-focused mindset and a clean criminal record are essential.


Job Description: Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher




Child-Centric: Genuine love for working with children, coupled with relevant experience, will be essential in your teacher role.


Patient Understanding and Empathetic Support: In the heart of early childhood education lies the ability to empathetically connect with and support children as they navigate social, emotional, and intellectual stages. Recognizing and patiently addressing the range of emotions and learning challenges they encounter is key. Your role will encompass providing steady support, teaching boundaries, and guiding students with love and consistency through their early learning journey.


Creativity and Engagement: Your role will involve creatively designing activities that not only teach reading but also foster social, emotional, and physical development. Integrating arts, crafts, and potentially music into the curriculum will enrich the learning experience.


Technology Proficient: A basic proficiency in utilizing technology for educational purposes is required.


Lifelong Learner: An eagerness to embrace and master new skills in music, performing arts, and technology is vital. Your journey of continuous learning will inspire our students and shape the future of our curriculum.


Effective Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for building strong relationships with both parents and staff. Maintaining clear and open communication with parents, through direct conversations, phone calls, and emails, will ensure they are engaged and informed about their child's progress and school activities.




Lead Educator: As the lead teacher for a class of 9 students, you will craft a warm and engaging learning environment that is inclusive and supportive.


Daily Educational Activities: You'll lead daily sessions that introduce the alphabet, phonics, and elementary math concepts using a blend of songs, games, books, and videos, making learning fun and interactive.


Individualized Instruction: Providing personalized support in English and math, catering to the varied learning levels within the class, will be a significant part of your role.


Reading Tutoring: Conducting one-on-one reading sessions to build literacy skills will be one of your key responsibilities.


Creative Learning: Planning and leading a variety of activities each day, including games, arts, crafts, and STEM projects, will be essential to developing the students' critical thinking, logic, literacy, and math skills in an engaging manner.


Christian Values: Ability to communicate and explain fundamental Christian values and their application in the students' daily life, through reading and discussing Bible stories and Jesus’s teachings and incorporating that learning into their daily interactions will be the core of educating the hearts and minds of our young students.


Administrative Duties: Your role will include essential administrative tasks such as writing weekly newsletters, creating lesson plans, and managing classroom resources, all while maintaining clear communication with our school community.

Orderly and Organized: We expect you to maintain and organize the learning spaces, ensuring they are kept tidy and clutter-free to facilitate a positive learning environment for the students.


Transportation: A valid driver's license will be needed for occasional field trips, with the possibility of driving responsibilities, enriching the students' learning experience beyond the classroom.


Flexibility: While not mandatory, skills in music, performing arts, and technology are highly valued. Your willingness to learn and later teach these subjects will broaden the educational horizons of our students.


This position offers a distinctive work structure, providing year-round compensation while requiring active teaching involvement for 36 weeks of the academic year. This arrangement is ideal for educators seeking a balance between professional engagement and personal time, reflecting our commitment to staff well-being and work-life harmony. River Tech is characterized by its warm, collaborative atmosphere, with a tight-knit community of 50 students and 5 teachers, dedicated to mutual support and empowerment. We invite you to be part of shaping leaders, innovators, and artists in an environment that prioritizes the well-being of its staff.


Job Details:


River Tech offers a distinctive employment experience, tailored to support the professional and personal well-being of our educators:


Balanced Work Schedule: Embracing Dedication and Rejuvenation


At River Tech School, our ethos of balance intertwines deep dedication with meaningful rest. Our carefully designed academic calendar enables educators to fully engage in their work during the 36 active teaching weeks while also ensuring ample time for rest and rejuvenation. Here’s how this philosophy comes to life:

Committed Engagement: In the active teaching weeks, we embrace a robust "work hard" ethos. This encompasses not just the 40 hours of scheduled on-site engagement but also recognizes the integral off-site hours dedicated to preparation and communication, bringing the total work hours during the 36 weeks of school to about 45 hours/week.


Frequent Breaks: Our calendar is thoughtfully punctuated with breaks and long weekends, guaranteeing that after periods of intensive focus, staff can look forward to well-deserved rest. This structure ensures a sustainable pace, allowing for deep work followed by complete disconnection and recovery.


Recharging Opportunities: Each scheduled break is more than a pause; it's an opportunity for complete rejuvenation, essential for maintaining the passion and energy that our educators bring to their roles. Whether it’s a brief respite or an extended holiday, these periods are dedicated to rest, personal pursuits, and family time, ensuring our team returns refreshed and inspired.


Harmonious Balance: This rhythm of immersive work and significant rest cultivates a vibrant community ethos. It enables peak productivity during teaching periods, balanced by profound relaxation during breaks, creating a fulfilling and joyful work environment.


Join the River Tech School family, where the "work hard, rest hard" principle ensures a rewarding career journey complemented by substantial opportunities for personal well-being. Here, your unwavering dedication is met with equally profound periods of relaxation, making River Tech a place where you can truly thrive.

Compensation Overview

We offer a tiered compensation plan that rewards educators based on their level of education and years with us, reflecting our commitment to their professional growth:

Salary Table 2.001.jpeg

The hourly gross rate is calculated based on the annual salary divided by 1665 hours. This includes 36 weeks at 45 hours per week, plus an additional 45 hours allocated for preparatory work, especially during the summer, but also encompassing other school-related activities such as parent meetings, musical performances, etc. Please note these figures are for illustrative purposes only and actual salaries may vary. 



Benefits: Currently, River Tech School offers health, dental, and vision insurance to support the health and well-being of our staff. We are exploring options to expand our benefits package, including retirement savings plans, as part of our long-term commitment to our employees.

Application Process


Your interest in River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology is warmly welcomed. As a candidate, your potential contribution to our culture of innovation, creativity, and values inspired by Christian teachings is highly anticipated. To guide you through the application process smoothly, please follow these outlined steps:


Step 1: Review and Prepare

  • Ensure your skills and experience align with the role of The Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher by carefully reviewing the job description and qualifications.

  • Prepare your cover letter, resume, and diplomas (if applicable) highlighting your educational background, teaching experience, and alignment with River Tech's values. Make sure these documents are current and accurately reflect your suitability for the position.


Step 2: Complete the Online Application Form

  • Fill in our digital application form on Cognito Forms. This form is structured to gather all essential information, such as your personal details, educational background, teaching experience, and specific skills pertinent to the role.


After Submission:

  • An automatic confirmation email will be sent to you upon the submission of your application, acknowledging its receipt.

  • Our hiring team reviews applications on a rolling basis, and selected candidates will be contacted directly to schedule an interview.

  • We value your interest in joining our team and are committed to keeping all applicants informed about their application status throughout the review process.


For any inquiries or if you need assistance during your application, feel free to reach out to us at [insert contact email/phone number]. We eagerly await the chance to welcome you into the River Tech School family, confident that your distinctive skills and perspectives will play a vital role in enriching our vibrant educational community.

Meet the Team

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