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School Resources

The "School Resources" menu offers additional materials like study guides, calendars, and school policies to enhance your academic experience.

The "Schedule & Calendar" page offers a concise overview of our academic year and daily routines at River Tech K-12. Find key dates, class schedules, and event information to stay organized and informed.

Schedule River Tech 2023-24 Q3-4.jpg

The "Scholarships" page offers information on need-based financial aid opportunities at River Tech, designed to support students with exceptional talents. Find out about application processes and criteria for eligibility.


Our tuition payment portal simplifies your financial planning by allowing you to establish recurring payments for your convenience or choose a one-time annual payment at a discounted rate, catering to the needs of every family at River Tech School.

Payment via Mobile Phone

The "Subject Overview" page outlines River Tech's educational approach, featuring four learning tracks: Core, Technology, Performing Arts, and Life. Click for summaries and detailed curriculum insights.

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River Tech is on the lookout for a dedicated Kindergarten-First Grade Teacher.  This role offers a unique opportunity to join a dynamic, supportive team committed to fostering both intellectual and emotional growth in our students.

Elementary Classroom

Our tutoring page offers personalized one-on-one support in math and coding, providing your child with the focused and individualized instruction needed to excel in these essential subjects at River Tech School.

Math Tutoring
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