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Exceptional Vocal Talent Scholarship at
River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology


Who We Are Looking For:

At River Tech, we are on the lookout for young vocalists with extraordinary talent and potential. While we don't expect our students to be at the professional level of renowned female artists like Mariah Carey or Beyoncé or male artist like Jacob Collier or Michael Jackson, we do seek those rare, emerging voices that show exceptional promise in areas such as:

  • Exceptional Vocal Range and Control: Ability to effortlessly reach and navigate a wide range of notes.

  • Mastery of Complex Vocal Techniques: Proficiency in skills such as improvisation, ad-libs, and vocal runs.

  • Harmonization and Rhythmic Mastery: Innate talent for harmonizing and maintaining complex rhythms, akin to the skill level of famous vocalists.

  • Emotional Expression: A voice that not only shows technical skill but deeply conveys emotion and storytelling ability.


Academics and the Arts:

Academic Standards:

  • Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high grades in core subjects like math and English. Your academic progress is crucial and will be regularly reviewed to ensure a balance between your scholarly and artistic pursuits at River Tech.

Participation in Performing Arts:

  • Active involvement in rehearsals, concerts, and productions is essential. This commitment is key to developing your talents and contributes significantly to the vibrant community spirit at River Tech, enhancing both personal growth and collective artistic excellence.

In essence, the River Tech scholarship program demands excellence in both academic and artistic arenas, fostering a well-rounded, disciplined, and creatively enriched student experience.


Mentorship and Development :

Benefit from the mentorship of Dan Hegelund, an acclaimed vocal coach, whose experience includes guiding students to significant achievements in various talent shows and professional music careers.

  • Under his mentorship, you'll receive:

  • Advanced Vocal Training: Focused on refining your vocal range, control, and mastering complex techniques.

  • Comprehensive Musical Development: Learn various aspects of music, from instrument mastery to understanding musical theory and composition.

  • Leadership Skills in Performing Arts: Gain valuable experience in directing choirs and leading musical productions, essential for a future in music.

This mentorship blends professional expertise and personal guidance, aimed at honing your talents for a vibrant career in music and the arts.


Application Process:

Initial Submission:

  • Email with at least three video recordings of your performances, highlighting your vocal range, control, and expressive abilities.

  • Personal Essay: Include a one-page essay discussing (a) your vocal talent and experience, and (b) your aspirations for attending River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology.

Response and Expectations:

  • Please await a response via email and be prepared for the possibility of not being selected. This scholarship is aimed at truly exceptional talents.

  • Potential Audition: If we identify unique talent in your submission, you may be invited for a vocal audition. 

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