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At River Tech K-12 , we champion the belief that every student possesses unique potential, deserving of every opportunity to flourish. 



Our scholarship programs are meticulously designed to dismantle financial barriers and nurture exceptional talents, ensuring that every student finds a path to success within our community.


We offer two primary scholarships: the Financial Needs Scholarship for those facing economic hardships, and the Exceptional Talent Scholarship for students with outstanding abilities in the performing arts.

There are three online
forms (A,B, and C). Read on to learn which of the forms you should fill out, depending on which scholarship you are applying for.


For students demonstrating remarkable talent in vocal, instrumental, and dance disciplines, this section details how our Exceptional Talent Scholarship can provide the mentorship and resources needed to refine their skills and pursue their artistic passions.

Applicants are required to fill out
Form C in addition to Form A or Form B, based on whether they have completed the registration process. Form C is specifically crafted to explore the depth and breadth of the applicant's talents in the performing arts.


Focused on families navigating economic challenges, this scholarship aims to ensure that financial limitations do not hinder a student's access to our quality educational programs. Learn about the criteria, benefits, and application process for securing financial aid at River Tech.

Applicants should complete
Form A (for new applicants) or Form B (for those who have already registered), depending on their current engagement with River Tech's admission process. These forms are designed to assess the financial situation and need of each applicant comprehensively.


Discover More and Apply

Dive deeper into the heart of our scholarship programs by exploring the dedicated pages for the Financial Needs Scholarship and the Exceptional Talent Scholarship. Each page has details on eligibility, application instructions, and the unique opportunities River Tech offers.

Choose the path that best fits your aspirations and take the first step towards a brighter future at River Tech.

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Financial Need Scholarship
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Financial Need Scholarship

River Tech is committed to making our innovative education accessible to all, regardless of financial circumstances. 


Who We Are Looking For

At River Tech, our doors are open to those who need us most. The Financial Needs Scholarship is specifically tailored for students and families who embody all the following:

  • Documented Economic Hardship: We seek families who can demonstrate significant financial need, making it challenging to afford educational opportunities.

  • Dedication to Learning: Applicants should be committed to their educational journey, showing perseverance and dedication to personal growth.

  • Community Spirit: We value students who contribute positively to their communities, embodying the spirit of support and collaboration that River Tech stands for.


Academic Engagement and Community Involvement

Scholarship recipients at River Tech are champions of both academic rigor and meaningful community participation. We foster an environment where excellence in education and active involvement intertwine:

  • Academic Excellence: Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain a strong academic record, demonstrating their commitment to making the most of the educational opportunities provided.

  • Personal and Artistic Growth: At River Tech, we value the holistic development of our students. Opportunities for artistic expression and technological innovation are integral to our curriculum, allowing students to explore their passions and contribute creatively to our community.

This balanced approach ensures that River Tech scholars are not only academically proficient but also well-rounded individuals ready to contribute positively to society.


Support and Opportunities

Recipients of this scholarship will benefit from:

  • Reduced Tuition: A significant reduction in monthly tuition fees, making education more accessible.

  • External Aid Navigation: Assistance with applying for additional aid from programs like Tech Trep and Harmony, which have been confirmed to offer reimbursement for qualifying Art and Technology classes. Our team is ready to guide you through these opportunities to further alleviate financial burdens.

Our goal is to ensure that every student who find themselves at the intersection of financial need, educational commitment, and community involvement has the opportunity to pursue their dreams at River Tech, regardless of their financial situation.


Application Process

  • To apply for the Financial Needs Scholarship, complete Form A if you are a new applicant to River Tech, or Form B if you have already registered. These forms are meticulously designed to gather comprehensive insights into your financial situation, ensuring a thorough assessment of your assistance needs.

Response and Expectations:

  • After submitting your application, we ask for your patience during our thorough review process. Given the competitive nature of the scholarship, coupled with finite resources, we regret that not every applicant can be accommodated.

  • Rest assured, every application receives careful consideration. You will be notified via email regarding the outcome of your application. Our commitment at River Tech is to extend support to as many students as our resources allow.


Don't let financial hardship dim your educational aspirations. Complete the required forms now and embark on your journey towards academic success and personal growth at River Tech.

Financial Aid
Exceptional Talent

Exceptional Talent Scholarship

River Tech's Exceptional Talent Scholarship aims to discover and nurture the next generation of outstanding performers in the arts.


Who We Are Looking For:

At River Tech, we are on the lookout for young vocalists with extraordinary talent and potential. While we don't expect our students to be at the professional level of renowned female artists like Mariah Carey or Beyoncé or male artist like Jacob Collier or Michael Jackson, we do seek those rare, emerging voices that show exceptional promise in areas such as:

  • Exceptional Vocal Range and Control: Ability to effortlessly reach and navigate a wide range of notes.

  • Mastery of Complex Vocal Techniques: Proficiency in skills such as improvisation, ad-libs, and vocal runs.

  • Harmonization and Rhythmic Mastery: Innate talent for harmonizing and maintaining complex rhythms, akin to the skill level of famous vocalists.

  • Emotional Expression: A voice that not only shows technical skill but deeply conveys emotion and storytelling ability.

Secondarily, we are open to exceptional musicians and dancers who complement their artistry with vocal proficiency, enriching our diverse tapestry of talent.


Academics and the Arts:

Academic Standards:

  • Scholarship recipients are expected to maintain high grades in core subjects like math and English. Your academic progress is crucial and will be regularly reviewed to ensure a balance between your scholarly and artistic pursuits at River Tech.

Participation in Performing Arts:

  • Active involvement in rehearsals, concerts, and productions is essential. This commitment is key to developing your talents and contributes significantly to the vibrant community spirit at River Tech, enhancing both personal growth and collective artistic excellence.

In essence, the River Tech scholarship program demands excellence in both academic and artistic arenas, fostering a well-rounded, disciplined, and creatively enriched student experience.


Mentorship and Development :

Benefit from the mentorship of Dan Hegelund, an acclaimed vocal coach, whose experience includes guiding students to significant achievements in various talent shows and professional music careers.

  • Under his mentorship, you'll receive:

  • Advanced Vocal Training: Focused on refining your vocal range, control, and mastering complex techniques.

  • Comprehensive Musical Development: Learn various aspects of music, from instrument mastery to understanding musical theory and composition. Musicians will have the opportunity to play in a band with guided band instruction, and dancers will be given the chance to create and instruct choreographies for our musical theater projects.

  • Leadership Skills in Performing Arts: Gain valuable experience in directing choirs and leading musical productions, essential for a future in music.

This mentorship blends professional expertise and personal guidance, aimed at honing your talents for a vibrant career in music and the arts.


Application Process:

Initial Submission:

To apply for the Exceptional Talent Scholarship, please complete Form C in addition to Form A (for new applicants) or Form B (for those already registered). This process allows you to showcase your vocal range, control, expressive abilities, or your exceptional skills in musicianship and dance.

Response and Expectations:

  • After submitting your forms, please await a response via email and be prepared for the possibility of not being selected. This scholarship targets truly exceptional talents, and not all applicants will be selected.

  • Potential Audition: Should your application stand out with its exceptional talent and potential, you will be invited for an audition to further demonstrate your artistic abilities.

Don't miss this opportunity to let your talent shine at River Tech. Complete the necessary forms today and take the first step towards realizing your artistic potential.


To complete your Financial Needs Scholarship application, choose the form that matches your current status with River Tech. To troubleshoot or ask questions, email

For those who have not yet filled out the registration form for School Year 2024-25, combining registration and scholarship application.

For those who have already completed the registration form for School Year 2024-25 and are now applying for financial aid.

For exceptional talent applicants, required in addition to either Form A or B.

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