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Desert contains my best original works that I have composed during the last 15 years, following a theme: the desert.

If you feel exhausted and worn out… If you feel like you’re in a desert of bones and burning fire… If you are tired of explanations and feel it's demonstration time…  I produced this for you! 

The style is a mix of hardcore guitar grooves, pop, and r&b. I sing all of the vocals myself, whilst some of the best musicians I have worked with produce the music me.


Dan Hegelund's resume includes studio recordings, radio- and TV broadcasts, and concerts in venues such as the Presidential Palace of Ukraine, the Latvian Government, Clash Of The Choirs, Coca-Cola Holiday Caravan, Christmas Spectacular, Northwest Folklife Festival, and Leavenworth’s 50th Anniversary Christmas Lighting Festival.

To book Dan Hegelund to perform at an event, conference, wedding, anniversary, family reunion, or concert click here, or email


You can book Dan Hegelund to perform at your event, conference, wedding, funeral, anniversary, family reunion, etc.


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