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Step Five: Application Outcome

Await approval or denial, which will be communicated after the interview with our staff.

As the enrollment process draws to a close, the Application Outcome emerges as the next significant phase. Following the Staff Interview & Assessment, your family will soon be informed about the status of your child's application, marking a pivotal moment in this journey.

1. Review Process

Delving Into Consideration.  

Upon the conclusion of the interview and assessment, our dedicated team undertakes a detailed examination of your child's application. We assess both academic achievements and the degree to which each applicant embodies the values of the River Tech community. This thorough evaluation is central to our commitment to cultivating a supportive and enriching environment for every student.

2. Notification

Await Approval or Rejection.

After our comprehensive review, we will swiftly communicate the outcome to your family. An official notification will be sent, indicating whether your child's application has been accepted. We understand the importance of this moment and strive to provide a timely response to assist with your family's planning.

3. Next Steps

Embracing the Future.


For the families who will be joining the River Tech community, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome. To ensure a smooth transition and a successful start at River Tech, we invite you to visit our 'Welcome to River Tech' page . There, we cover all essential information, including tuition details, school supplies, school policies, and more, to fully prepare you for the journey ahead.

Choosing River Tech is a step toward a comprehensive educational pathway from kindergarten through high school, enriched with college coaching. It's a decision that goes beyond academics, embracing a future where your children are empowered with the values, creativity, and technological acumen to thrive in an ever-changing world.

We deeply appreciate the trust placed in us by all families during the application process. Whether joining the River Tech family now or considering us in the future, we value the educational aspirations and paths of all students.

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