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The Greatest Showman Musical

River Tech Presents: The Greatest Showman Musical 2023-24. 
We have been rehearsing all semester. Now we are ready to put on "The Greatest Showman" Musical Performance on April 25th, from 6.30-7.30 pm. Tickets: $10/person appreciated (towards costumes and props).

Address: River Tech School of Performing Arts & Technology, 1687 E Horsehaven Ave, Post Falls, ID.

Main Roles that you can audition for on 12/12/ at 12 pm:

Lead Role
P.T. Barnum (M): 20+ lines, several songs and dances.
 The visionary showman and the central character whose dream of creating something extraordinary sets the entire narrative in motion. His journey explores the balance between ambition, family, and the creation of a community.


Big Roles:
Charity Barnum (F): 10+ lines, a couple of songs and dances. 
Barnum's devoted wife who supports her husband's dreams but struggles with the sacrifices their family must endure. Her character provides a grounding perspective on the true cost of dreams.

Phillip Carlyle (M): 10+ lines, several songs and dances. Barnum's protégé who falls in love with Anne Wheeler. His struggle is the societal expectations versus personal desires.

Anne Wheeler (F): 10+ lines, several songs and dances. A trapeze artist who becomes Phillip’s love interest. Her character confronts the social stigmas of the time and challenges the concept of forbidden love.

Narrator (M or F): 10+ lines, few songs and dances. A guiding voice that elegantly bridges scenes with poetic interludes, adding depth and context to the play.

Medium Roles:
Lettie Lutz (F): 5+ lines, several songs and dances. A powerful vocalist and a key member of Barnum's troupe. Her journey is about finding strength in her talents and stepping into the light with confidence and dignity, encouraging others to appreciate their own worth.

Tom Thumb (M): 5+ lines, several songs and dances. A performer in Barnum’s troupe who, despite his small stature, has large dreams. His storyline is a testament to defying society's expectations.


Jenny Lind (F): 5+ lines, several songs and dances. Known as the "Swedish Nightingale," her partnership with Barnum showcases the broader implications of Barnum’s dream and the potential for personal connection to change one’s course

Small Roles:
Caroline Barnum: 3 lines, a few songs and dances. 
The elder daughter of P.T. and Charity. Represents innocence and curiosity. Her presence often reminds Barnum of the simpler joys in life.

Helen Barnum: 3 lines, a few songs and dances. The younger daughter of P.T. and Charity. Her character adds a layer of hope and symbolizes the future that the adults are working to shape.

Those are the main roles. But we will need many singers in the choir, so if you like to sing, come be part of The Greatest Showman-Choir! We will sing the following songs:

Song List:

  • A Million Dreams

  • The Other Side

  • The Greatest Show

  • This Is Me

  • Rewrite the Stars

  • Tightrope

  • Never Enough

  • From Now On

  • Come Alive

Regarding songs — The versions of the songs we will be singing are the ones in the VIDEOS below, not the ones in the Spotify-playlist (if that makes sense). So, the Spotify-playlist is just for general familiarity with the songs, but for the actual versions refer to the videos below. 

Regarding Rehearsals: Everyone will rehearse on Tuesdays, from 12;45-1.30 pm, starting January 2nd. HOWEVER, main and medium roles will ALSO need to rehearse on Mondays from 2-2.30 pm (dance classes).


Auditions consist of (1) a dance, (2) a song, and (3) lines, as follows:

Everyone will audition to the same dance:
Be sure to practice!

P.T. Barnum:  Songs: "Come Alive" & "The Other Side", Lines: 

1. Barnum: (Approaching each character one by one, with charisma and a visionary spark) "What if I told you that your unique talents, the very things that make you different, are exactly what the world needs to see?”

2. Barnum: (Approaching Phillip with enthusiasm) "Phillip, a man of your talents shouldn’t be confined to the shadows of the theater. Imagine what you could do on a stage without limits."


Charity Barnum: Song: "Tightrope", Lines:

(Solemnly) "Phineas, we've lost the house. Without the circus, we can't pay the bills. The girls and I will go stay with my parents for a while. We need some time away.”

Phillip Carlyle: Songs: "Rewrite the Stars" & "The Other Side." Lines:

Anne Wheeler: Songs: "Rewrite the Stars" Lines:\

Anne: (Reflective) "In this world you've shown me, every step feels like a dance on a tightrope. It's exhilarating, yet terrifying."

Phillip: "But isn't that the thrill of it? To dance on the edge, where the heart races with every beat, every leap."

Anne: "And if we fall? If the world refuses to catch us?"

Phillip: "Then we learn to fly on our own terms. We write our own story, Phillip, not bound by the ground but inspired by the sky."

Anne: (Contemplative) "A story written in the stars... It's a beautiful thought, but the world I come from, it's not so forgiving."

Phillip: "Then let's create a world that is. One where the stars align not just above us, but within us.”


Narrator: Songs: none. Lines:


"Amidst the rubble of his shattered dreams, Barnum finds a glimmer of hope. The path to redemption is not paved with applause, but with love, understanding, and a return to the values he once cherished. For it's in the heart of the family and the trust of friends that the truest dreams are woven."

Lettie Lutz: Song: "This Is Me." Lines:

Lettie: To think, the world will finally see the wonder we've been nurturing in the shadows. It's time our hearts take center stage.


Tom Thumb: Songs: none. Lines:

Tom: (Stepping forward with confidence) “That’s the spirit! Welcome to a world where the spectacle is boundless and every moment is a chance to rewrite the stars.”


Jenny Lind: Song: "Never Enough." Lines:

Jenny Lind: Nervous, Mr. Barnum?

Barnum: I'm staking a lot on you, Ms. Lind.

Jenny Lind: And I on you. But it's more than stakes and risks, isn't it? It's about touching hearts….  Let's give them a performance that will echo through the ages.


Caroline Barnum: Song: "A Million Dreams," Lines:

Caroline: "And our dreams, they don't just light up the stage, they light up our lives."


Helen Barnum: Song: "A Million Dreams," Lines:

Helen: "We've got dreams too. Maybe they can help light up your big show.”







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